Welcome! Whether I’m welcoming potential readers or simply myself, I’m not sure… Anyway, I am theblankrogue. You can just call me Tasha though… It’s nice to meet you! I’m interested in loads of things — anime, a little bit of gaming, books, movies, comics, nerdy stuff… You get the point… I’m a 16 year old girl, from New Zealand originally, but I now live in England with my family. We moved here around 3 years ago, in April 2015, although we’d been living in England for a bit a year before that. Anyway. In this blog, I plan to document my journeys into the realm known as… cosplay. Not really a realm, but shhh.

I cosplayed for the first time in November of 2015, at my towns local Comic Con. The Con

My friend (right) and I (left) as Sasha and Armin from Attack on Titan.

itself was quite small, in fact it might have been its first year running (After googling, I found this is true). I attended the con with my best friend, and as we had both recently(ish) gotten into anime, we decided to cosplay as two characters from Attack on Titan. I don’t want to go into much detail right now, but it sucked. We were naive 14 year olds — newborns to the world of anime and cosplay and all things magical. We were the biggest, most cringiest weeaboos out there. My hair is tragic, that’s pretty much all I can think when I look at pictures from this time. I was growing out a pixie cut and wow… I look tragic.

My next cosplaying adventure didn’t take place until literally a year after, in November

Myself, cosplaying as Chloe from Life is Strange.

2016, at our second Comic Con (the same local Con as the last). This time we decided to go as the two main characters (Chloe and Max) from a game we’re obsessed with called Life is Strange (Still love the game to be honest). Believe it or not, this cosplay was even more rushed than the previous years’, as we were planning on instead going, once again, as Attack on Titan characters, but adding onto our costumes by making 3DMG and using wigs etc. Our last-minute tendencies caused us to not do anything over the whole summer holidays, which didn’t leave us enough time to sort everything out by the time the con came. So Life is Strange it was! As you can already tell from the photo, this costume turned out a lot better than the first. The con was also a lot more successful, as we were older, and already had a n idea of what we were stepping into.


After this, I was determined to start cosplaying more, and planned on diving straight into this wonderful world by attending bigger cons. Although I didn’t get a chance until the 2017 Summer holidays came around. I had originally planned on attending one in London with some friends, but the trip down and accommodation proved too expensive.

Myself cosplaying as Rem from Re:Zero

So my next adventure was the closer, but still bigger Manchester MCM Comic Con 2017! (July 29th-30th, although I only went on Saturday 29th). I cosplayed as Best Girl (Rem), from Re:Zero. You’ll have to forgive the photo, I’ve been searching online ever since for photos of myself at the con but I can’t find any! (I stupidly forgot to take photos). I went to this con alone as my usual Cosplay buddy was on holiday. Honestly, this con was amazing. It was so big and there were so many cosplayers (I literally saw 4 other Rems… Gr). I ordered the costume online from Samurai Buyer and it came with both Rem and Ram’s wigs. Although, they accidentally sent me two sets of the cosplay (I now have two outfits and four wigs…), so if anybody wants to buy that off me for around £50, or find out more about it, email me! (theblankrogue.cosplay@gmail.com) It’s still in its original packaging and is literally just sitting in my wardrobe…

Anyway, that’s all of the Characters I’ve worn so far… Only three… In three years time… Damn. The main reason I created this blog is because I’m starting to make the first cosplay that I’ve ever made from scratch. Well, maybe not from scratch just yet, but it will be the first cosplay I’ve made, rather than just buying and putting everything together. I’ll write more on that in my next post! See you then!



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